Going On A First Date? Best Food To Eat!

Planning your first date, but unsure on where to go and what to eat? Take a breath because this blog post answers the question on the best food to eat on your first date:

  • The Traditional Italian Dish
    The most traditional dinner out there for a first date, italian is a good to for many first daters. The food is reliable and has a consistent unlike others. You can’t really go wrong with italian, with the likes of pizza, pasta and italian meat dishes being rather easy to cook and master. So if you are looking for something that is going to be a sure-fire winner in terms of a first meal, then italian food can work for you.
  • Spicy Indian Meals
    Want something spicy and loaded to the brim with explosive flavour? Then there is no going past the likes of Pakistani and Indian food. You will have a wealth of tasty options out there and all of them will keep you filled to the brim. To truly have a lovely date, go for Indian food. You can find an indian and pakistani restaurant in Melbourne CBD by merely searching up for one! For more information on these awesome meals, visit us today.
  • The Latin Route
    There is no going past the flavours and options that come with taking up latin food. There are plenty of different types of latin options out there, including Mexican, Spanish, Argentinian and Brazilian (even though they are Portuguese, they are based in Latin America). All of them have an array of meals that will explode in your mouth with flavours. Better yet, these dishes work with dates, as most meals are considered ‘shared meals’.
  • The Good Olde Pub 
    Sometimes just going for something old school is enough. And there is nothing more old school then hitting up the local pub for some grub. Stuff like parmas, fish and chips, and steaks are reliable options that will keep you and your date filled. More so, you will have a choice of plenty of alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal, as well as plenty of desserts. Go old school and you won’t go wrong with your date.

Jump For Japanese

When it comes to amazing and mind-blowing food, Japanese is the way to go. Not only is the food light and delicate, it is full of flavor and great for a date. You can share it around and can order more and more as the night goes on. Japanese is super reliable for a dinner and we highly recommend it.

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